Boat Bottom Painting, Little River, SC

Turn to us for quality boat bottom painting for maintaining the value of your investment.

Boat bottom painting is necessary for boats that stay in the water year-round or at least most of the boating season. If your boat is stored out of the water and used only occasionally, it isn’t necessary to paint it unless it has already been painted in the past. Once you start with boat bottom painting, it must be done going forward. Whether you are choosing to proceed with boat bottom painting as the initial coat or to renew it, you can count on us at Grande Harbour Marina to do it properly so that it looks great and provides protection.

Boat Bottom Painting in Little River, South Carolina

We have the experience to determine whether your previous boat bottom painting was done with ablative, hard bottom paint, or a hybrid. This is important, as not all paint types are compatible, and if you want to go with a different paint that isn’t, the old paint will need to be completely removed prior to applying the new paint. Ideally, you will be able to tell us what the paint last used was, but we can determine if it was ablative if you’re not sure. A rule of thumb is that ablative paint can be put on top of hard or semi-hard paints, but you can’t do it the opposite way as it will not adhere. In all cases, we provide proper surface preparation so your boat bottom painting comes out as it should.

  • Prevent growth of organisms– When you take your boat from place to place, you are enabling the transferring of organisms and sometimes invasive ones, unless you have the proper boat hull painting done. Boat hull painting can help deter and prevent growth of organisms on the hull of your boat.
  • Can affect speed– If your boat hull is chipped, scratched, or just worn down, you won’t be able to get the same fast, smooth movement that you get when you have a freshly painted boat hull.
  • Protect against elements– Even if you store your boat out of the water during the cooler months, your hull will still encounter a lot of variants in temperature, loads of water and dirt, and other elements that can wear down your boat hull paint.

You can count on us to use the right paints for boats used in the Little River, South Carolina area, as this is also important if you want to gain all the benefits of boat bottom painting. We were the first marina of its kind in this area – the one-stop boat shop you can turn to for boat storage, maintenance, repairs, parts, restoration, and more. Contact us today with any questions you may have about boat bottom painting.

At Grande Harbour Marina, we offer boat bottom painting services for customers from Little River, North Myrtle Beach, Myrtle Beach, and Atlantic Beach, South Carolina, as well as Calabash, Sunset Beach, and Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina.