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We can perform a variety of boat repairs to get you back on the water quickly!

There is something so satisfying about taking out your boat to just glide across the water! However, sometimes the water isn’t so kind in return. Whether you ran across some shallow rocks, had a collision in the marina with another boat, or your boat is just older and in need of boat repairs, here at Grande Harbor Marina, we want to help you with any of the boat repairs you need.

Boat Repair in Little River, South Carolina

Although boats are made from so many different types of materials, we can repair them all with our boat repair services here at Grande Harbor Marina. Whether you have a sail or powerboat or one with a fiberglass hull that you could call your second home, we can help you with any type of superficial boat repairs that you need to get it looking new again. Furthermore, once we are done with the repairs, we can also perform boat painting, so you’ll be ready to get back on the water once more when we are done!

Not only can we perform boat repairs to the outside of your boat, but we can also help you with the mechanics of your boat. Oftentimes if your boat is in a collision, it will need some work on the engine as well as the exterior surfaces. Instead of going from place to place (which is never easy with a boat), we offer a one-stop repair and restore experience right here at Grande Harbor Marina. If you’re looking for boat repairs in the Little River, South Carolina area, please get in contact with us today and let us help you get to sailing once more.



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